Do you want to act?

Perhaps it's been a desire of yours for years. Perhaps you once made a few tentative steps in the industry but for some reason held back. Maybe life got in the way. Maybe it was a desire for security. Maybe it was a lack of confidence. There are many reasons why those who have a burning desire to be on stage or in film or television pull back from attempting to realise their dream. 1-2-1 acting classes are intended to help change that round. They should be the first stop on the road to breaking through into an industry that can be incredibly confusing. Or maybe you just want to learn for fun. Whatever your needs Bobby can help you.

Do you want confidence?

Confidence. Many actors, very good actors, are shy and self-conscious. Sometimes the fear of being judged, of being thought of as silly, can get in the way of real talent. Self-doubt creeps in and a process of self-monitoring occurs which can be fatal in performance. 1-2-1 attempts to eliminate this negativity by replacing it with an attitude of 'can do.' Bit by bit, confidence is built up until there are no longer any obstacles in the way of an actor expressing the talent that he or she possesses. 

Do you want skills?

Of course, you can have all the confidence in the world but without the skills with which to impress at an audition it's unlikely that you'll manage to sustain long-term growth within the industry. 1-2-1 takes you out of your comfort zone and helps you to discover the limits of your abilities by such means as finding the right audition monologue for you, working on cold reading, scene work and improvisation. All bases are covered with a view to your finding and fulfilling your potential as a performer.

 Acting Lessons 

 Islands at War (ITV)

Sweeney Todd Rehearsal